of cleaning out

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Date: 09 June 2008 10:15:53

your clothes .....

my goodness I've spent a lot of money on clothes that I no longer wear ... and probably have not had enough wear out of!

and there's a couple of items, I must admit, that've only been worn 3 or 4 times.... I don't know whether to be disgusted, horrified, or relieved that I'm finally clearing them out. I feel like I'm starting with a clean slate.

So, unless there's sentimental reasons attached to the item, or I really really do think I'll wear it again (now I've dug it out!), the following rules apply:

If it doesn't fit, it's going.
If I haven't worn it since I got married (16/12/2006), it's going.
If I just plain don't like it anymore, it's going.
If it doesn't go with anything else I have ... and I'm not doing an entire rejig of the wardrobe, so the likelihood of it going with something in the near future is slim, it's going.

Honestly, I've had some items for nearly 20 years .... and I'm 37, so it's probably time those teenage purchases either went to the garbage bin or the charity bin!

Amazing how much room their is in my wardrobe now :)