of fruit trees

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Date: 11 July 2009 10:36:54

We had absolutely filthy weather today, horizontal rain, gusty winds, cold, disgusting .. so of course I planted out my three fruit trees!

In the gaps (whilst Mr Tasmania was working on stuff in the house) I covered up in my fabulous coat and away I went ... first the grass off, then the big holes, then some bagged compost, then the trees (Dward Pink L*dy, Dwarf P*mme de Neige, and and Early H*rvest Cherry), then more compost and hold dirt. I couldn't find our string so wasn't able to fix the poor little bare rooted things so they wouldn't blow over (not much solidity about a bare rooted tree) but did end up making a crossed bamboo stake lattice cum birds nest which seemed to be holding quite well when we checked them before we left. The blue wrens and finches were certainly enjoying jumping around on them.

So this means I can justifably call this area an orchard now, seeing as there are 4 fruit trees in it (there's a black cherry as well as the above). I have ambitions of adding a Dwarf Red D*licious and a Dwarf Gr*nny Smith, as well as various nut trees, a quince, possibly a couple of plums, peaches, and maybe even nectarines. Mostly going to try for dwarf trees or will prune to keep them low, as I have ambitions of eventually enclosing the whole area in permanent wire bird netting. It's also JD the wonder dog's enclosure, for times when we have lots of visitors and he needs to be away. It's quite large so he'll be very comfortable.

I want to plant some citrus trees too but they'll have to be in a different spot, where they're a bit more protected and warmer. They grow well at mum and dad's where it's colder for longer so I think they'll do fine here.

It's so much FUN!