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Date: 10 July 2009 11:27:35

before I wax poetic about the kitchen ... go and check out orthodox ian's pics of his holiday in Georgia - AMAZING!

We went up to the workshop of the guy who is making our kitchen on our way home this evening ... SO exciting! It's looking just like I wanted it to ... I swear I have sweated blood designing this kitchen! It's very very hard to do it from scratch ... and yes, thank you to all those who helped me here and on Facebook with suggestions and ideas - they were all truly appreciated, even the ones that I gave definite NO to, 'cause they all helped me refine my ideas :)

Even better, the benchtops and island top had arrived just before we got there - and it looks just as good as we'd hoped - very shiny but will be easy to keep clean, was so excited to see it!