of trees

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 05 July 2009 04:28:07

Went to the Wynyard Beachfront Car Boot sale this morning, lovely! A friend has put me on to a gentleman who supplies very reasonably priced bare rooted trees, so off we toddled this morning on a fruit tree buying mission.

We both bought dwarf Pink L*dy and P*omme de Niege apple trees, I bought a Merchant early fruiting Cherry (which will hopefully polinate the unnamed black cherry I already have), and she bought a white lilac. All bare rooted, mine cost me a total of $24! VERY HAPPY!

Unfortunately we let all the water out of the tank which collects off the roof of our shed yesterday so I can't plant them in the 'orchard' at the block until we've had some rain! I've heeled them in under some of the remains of our woodchipping mulch ( last year? year before? Who knows, anyway, it was on the day that the google earth truck drove past us anyway!). On doing that I decided I'd finish off the mulching I was doing approximately 8 months ago :), so did that, then decided I'd better plant the poor geraniums which had been turfed into the garden when JD the idiot dog knocked over their nearly two foot high gorgeous cobalt blue pot and smashed it ... all the more unfortunate when you realise that it's the second pot in that position .. the potato king managed to kill the first one whilst reversing ... don't even ask why he was reversing that close to the verandah!

Anyhoo, the poor gorgeous pink and white geraniums are now in the front garden where hopefully they will thrive as the other geraniums in that garden have. I'm now inside about to download some of the latest house photos (brickwork is now finished!) and watching (I know, I'm an idiot) the progress of some lamb shanks in the brand new slow cooker - they've been in for two hours now so of course hardly anything has happened :) ... guess we'll wait and see how it looks in 6 more hours!

Meanwhile Mr Tasmania has been finishing off the eaves at the house (as it's a gorgeous day, no filthy snow wind today!) and hooking up his parents digital set top box, so all around I think we've achieved quite well!

And I've got tomorrow off - even better!