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Date: 12 June 2008 11:29:36

We've had a minor car disaster ... suffice it to say that the compressor at the back of the LandRover is kaput and must be replaced ... it's not cheap, but luckily Mr Tasmania is obsessed with LandRovers and has many many contacts and is able to get a second hand, warrantied, compressor for half the price of a new one. Unfortunately he has had to take the car to Launceston today, as that's the closest place you can go to get it put on the computer (2 hours drive) and he has to leave it there and catch the bus back (1 bus a day between Launceston and Burnie, no trains, Australia's public transport system is crappy, and Tasmania's ... well ... let's just not go there shall we? I seem destined to live in places where public transport is hopeless or worse ... Northern Beaches of Sydney being an excellent example of how NOT to do public transport, for example).

Anyway ... at least we have the money to pay for it, AND another car - it's a hassle, and a bummer, as that was money we are putting towards getting things really moving on the house

Oh, they've just announced (1:00pm) on the radio that the company running the freight train service in Tasmania is about to pull out of the state ... I don't quite know what that means ... but it's not good.

On the up side, Mr Tasmania has just messaged me that The Somersets (remember them? He's from Somerset Tas, she's from Somerset Eng, married 9 June last year) have just had their first baby - a girl - today ... 3 ½ weeks early!

Nice news on a shocking rainy day.