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Date: 04 July 2009 11:05:57

have been busy so not blogging hugely - takes more thought than a facebook update!

the house now has all windows installed and all bricks finished and Mr Tas will finish up painting the eaves tomorrow - I will be at the Car Boot Sale on the beachfront in Wynyard hopefully buying some good but very cheap fruit trees for our 'orchard' ... the one that currently has a two foot high black cherry as its long occupant ....

the plastering won't be starting for a few more weeks so that means that the brickies finish cleaning up their (smallish, relatively) mess, the builder finishes all the small inside and fiddly jobs, the plumber can dig the odd trench or two, but we will have more time to do some stuff down here at the shack (that blasted pruning of the ever more gigantic banksias STILL isn't finished!), maybe even bake a cake or two, and possibly even relax :)

Mind you, we've just relaxed over lamb curry with a mate, so it's not all full on working :)

In my next post I will put up a pic of one of our bottlebrush shrubs - going back a bit, some might remember, we planted 36 lemon bottlebrush (callistemon pallidus) shrubs along our back fence - they're hedging plants and will grow to about 3m wide by - 4m high .. so the neighbours behind us up the hill will be able to see over the top of them but not us - and we won't see the neighbours - which is not being unfriendly but I don't really think you need to know every move your neighbours are making, really ...

Anyhoo, one has flowered! A number have been making flower buds and I've been keeping an eye on the largest - had a little check today and it's popped out some lovely pale creamy lemony bottlebrush - beautiful!!!!!