of wild weather

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 30 June 2009 20:18:26

this is what I wrote on F'book last night

and it was worse in Victoria and South Australia ...

I have just driven throught the worst weather I've driven in in nearly 21 years of driving ... if I'd known it was that bad coming down to Sisters Beach I'd have stayed in Wynyard at the parents in law ... no fun in enormous gusting winds which are not only bouncing your very small car but lifting it and pushing sideways ... and then you come over the hill and drop down into the road through the giant gum trees .....

I'm very interested in what our beach looks like today - Mr Tasmania told me that the water was up over the bridge and into the carpark at the beachfront - a friend told us later it was up to the toilet block which is at the back of the carpark.... and there is a big area which has gradually been eroding away over the last 6 month ... with a couple of houses behind it ... I don't think they will have had a very comfortable night!