Of Stanley, my new best friend

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Date: 27 June 2009 09:30:17

Don't panic, Stanley is a place not a person! It's a lovely lovely town in the North West of Tasmania .. and I spent the day there as I'm batching it this weekend (Mr Tas was in Launceston for a work conference yesterday and today, and has now headed off to Hobart ('cause he was halfway there!) for a mate's 50th).

I had such a lovely day, lovely meal of salt and pepper squid at the Stanley Hotel, found a couple of fabulous shops with my kind of stuff, bought a very expensive knitting kit fr the needles and the website (and the included pattern so I've got it!) www.artviva.biz, fabulous, walked through the gallery (which is closing tomorrow, pressure of no business and to be honest their stuff is Tasmanian and AMAZING but some is really really REALLY overpriced! so not surprised business has been slowing ...), and just generally had an all round great day.

Came to a lovely realisation as I was having lunch ... I've been quite happy all these years going on my little excursions by myself (though enjoying muchly the company of mates like Deeleea and the Valkyrie) but realised only today (a little slow me) how much I was loving an excursion at the end of which I didn't get to go home to a singleton existence... I have a husband, my beautiful partner, and we get to come home to each other (nearly) every day ... God is good and i'm a happy girl!

Here we have THE NUT, at Stanley in North West Tasmania.
270609 Stanley NW Tasmania

and this is looking East from Stanley, back towards Rocky Cape ... and yes, this is how it looked today, it's not my (lack of) photographic skills :)
270609 Stanley NW Tasmania 004

Stanley Hotel, awesome salt and pepper squid (did I mention that already? .. slightly obsessed with salt and pepper squid)
270609 Stanley NW Tasmania 017

Stanley's version of Stonehenge
270609 Stanley NW Tasmania 026

The Nut from the West
270609 Stanley NW Tasmania 049