of seeing people

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 27 June 2009 07:19:27

in an 'on television' not an 'in person' kind of way .... this has been quite a stand out week in television viewing for me, in that since last Saturday (it being Saturday now in Oz)(the next Saturday, that is) I have seen four people on television that I know ie I know them as people rather than oh, you look familiar, oh yes you're on that show ... Firstly I saw Dr Andrew Browning, who is a year older than me I think? I know him from church and from high school and he's always been a lovely boy. I really haven't seen him since high school, so I can't say he's a lovely man with any actual experience of that. Given that he was appearing in a doco relating to the fistula clinic he runs in Africa (I think, missed the first part!) I am going to assume he's still a very nice person! I was then watching one of my favourite shows, FInd my Family in which various adopteds are reconnected with members of their biological families - I love it! At the end of the show they gave a brief clip of next weeks ... and that's when the twins popped up! And they were about 3 years behind me in school, or maybe four ... have an idea they were in KombiBro's year actually, so that'd be four - and dad taught at least one of them. Boy and girl, one at least still living where I come from, it was common knowledge they were adopted but quite a surprise to see their faces pop up! And then the final surprise was yesterday morning, while the news was being read. A poor man was shot yesterday in Sydney and they showed a bit of video of the ambo's delivering him to the hospital ... and as one of the ambo's moved around the trolley well, lo and behold, there was Thommo! I went through high school with Thommo, he's a great guy, everybody's mate, failed our high school certificate (kinda like A levels I guess?, year 12 anyway), then went back and did the last two years again - I've always admired him for that! I knew he went on to be a very well regarded ambulance paramedic - but certainly didn't expect him to be popping up on the telly either! wonder who I'll see next?