of loos

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Date: 13 June 2008 09:12:01

What I didn't mention yesterday is that I was the lucky duck who made it to the loo at work before they BOTH died ... and it was nothing to do with me, before you comment! :)

So yesterday, AND today, we have had no toilets at work. I work with 7 women and 1 man ... and one of the women is pregnant ... so you can imagine how happy all the girls are!

Lots of shuttling back and forth in the work cars - we can recommend a public loo in Burnie, if you ever need to know a good one :)

Anyhoo ... no results on the fixit front today, and the GM FINALLY decided to send us all home at 3:30pm ... I've got fingers, toes, and legs, crossed that we'll get a call on Monday to say we've got the day off ...... cross something with me!

Oh, and PS ... another new bub, to friends who live up the road from us - their second boy.