of heat

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Date: 23 June 2009 08:45:36

Particularly - heat pumps - or reverse cycle air conditioners, depending on how you feel :)

We have one at the shack (not the house, that's getting ducted air conditioning - picture in a previous post of giant silver spaghetti was the ducting) ... it' the old one that was taken out of my work when we had new smaller ones put in each office. Originally they had just this large one in my admin area - which heated me to the point of slumber but left everyone else absolutely frozen, so not quite a success.

In our shack however ... it's warm, it's quiet, and it's relatively cheap! My boss was supposed to give it to a charity - but honestly, what charity would take it and then have to pay for installation and regassing? So it's been sitting in the office carport since November ... I offered to take it in December ... my immediate boss finally got sick of it and nagged the big boss into giving it to me in May (I think) ... and I acted on her word and loaded the enormously heavy thing into my little car that afternoon (was super excited - it really takes two people to lift the outside unit - I put it in the car by myself - amazing what strength you develop with a little adrenaline!).

Anyhoo, one smallish donation (to be made tomorrow) and we now have a lovely source of heat which saves us $120 a bottle on gas (lasts about 4 weeks in Winter, less if we have guests and have to have the spare bedroom door open) + electricity on the panel heater in the bathroom, which we also needed on at night .. now it will just be the heat pump sitting on 16 deg Celsius and coming on when necessary ... and there will be no more condensation, no more mouldy walls or curtains, possibly a bit more dust but I'm prepared to live with that - and the best thing of all? It's QUIET!!!!!

I love it!