of lovely sunny days

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 22 June 2009 07:45:33

So, it's the shortest day, the winter solstice ... and we should be shivering madly, piling on all our winter clothes, hats, and boots, whinging about the rain, and scraping frost off our car windows in the morning ... but we're not. Or at least in this part of Tasmania we're not.

It's been beautiful weather the last couple of days, brilliant sunshine each morning, hot enough to make you sweaty whilst doing some garden work, then overcast but still fairly mild in the afternoons. Our gas heater ran out of gas this afternoon so I now have my tiny oil filled column heater switched on .. but only on half, and it in no way would manage to warm this room in a 'normal' winter but is managing quite well. We are having a heat pump (reverse cycle air conditioner) installed tomorrow though - not very 'shack' like (not your usual beach house thing) but it is second hand (from my work) and we don't even know if it will work (though it should) ... guess I'll find out tomorrow night!

That's about it really ... I gardened, I read magazines, I still haven't cooked a chocolate cake, and I'm back at work tomorrow - really have been glad to have three days off.