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Date: 21 June 2009 01:22:08

it's been great having a break from the real full on work on house building that has been going on - we're both feeling just ordinarily tired at the end of the day now :) not bone weary!

Mr Tasmania has headed off to help a mate work on his new shop and I'm at home contemplating where to start in the housework - I have tomorrow off and would really like to spend it in the garden (assuming it's not raining) so I'm trying to get motivated to get all the other stuff out of the way today ... mixed results so far, dishwasher is on, load of washing is on ... I'm blogging, have just been playing games on Facebook, and am now going to play with photos for a little bit .... we'll see how I've gone by the end of the day!

anyhoo, yes, we've been doing some work on little bits and pieces up at the new house .. we've painted the most gorgeous bright red door to be the under house access door ... and yesterday we started painting the eaves - hooray - actual paint on the house! Unfortunately not inside paint but still, we painted!

Otherwise ... well, I've read a few good books, I'm going through all the design mags we've bought in the last three years and getting them ready to be recycled via various friends :), and I've, yet again, bought more wool!

Here is our lovely door ....
200609 Beautiful red door for downstairs

and our front door, now with added brickwork!
200609 Front door, now with bricks!

and the brickwork down the side of the house - apparently they will be finished in about 8 - 10 days!
200609 Progress on brickwork

and our bedroom, now with the lovely highlight windows installed above the main window and doors ... make all the difference in winter!
200609 Master bedroom with highlight windows installed

200609 Boys on Sisters Beach
and finally, my lovely boys on the beach :) - cold but great walk yesterday morning - so nice to do it in the daylight, bring on the shortest day tomorrow, after that's gone it's practically Summer!