Of Bollyw*od and toilets

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Date: 15 June 2008 11:07:04

Yes, I know, it sounds as if I'm fixated ... and yes, we have to go to work tomorrow - apparently they're getting us a Portaloo ... doesn't that just sound LOVELY!!!!

And the other loo? Mr Tasmania has spent quite some time this week lining the toilet room he built into the large shed on our block, lining it, putting in pipes, etc .. just a bit of beading, painting, a toilet!, and a septic tank, and we're good to go ... which has two benefits at least.

Number 1 (sorry, couldn't resist) - I get to stay the whole day at the block when we're doing things, instead of having to make little trips down to the local public loos!
Number 2 - we don't have to pay the $45 a week cost of a portaloo when we finally get builders - that may not sound like much, but if the build goes three months that starts to really add up!!

We went to a Bollywood themed 40th last night, and it was great!! Beautiful weather (it was cold, but still good) and everyone looked so good! Lots of jewels and sari's etc ... my beautiful wrap skirt made of antique sari's worked really well - it was going to be wrapped as per the instructional video but I decided it was just too cold. And I wore the silver sandals that were part of my going away outfit again, which was nice too!