of slowing down

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 08 June 2009 03:56:17

Mr Tasmania currently looks as if he's been glassed in a bar fight .. he has a large half circular cut running from the top of his nose and curving down his left cheek to finish about midcheek ... thankfully the downlight shroud which he was in the process of nailing to the roof truss missed his eye .. and also thankfully the very very sharp metal corner sliced under his skin rather than into his cheek, so it looks ugly and painful but does not need stitches and hopefully will heal without a scar (or one that will fade over time).

This was one of the final warnings that it was time for us to stop and slow down a bit (which also include one of us backing into another car (and it wasn't me) and both of us losing the ability to remember words (Or just choosing random ones that have the right syllables) and other little bits and pieces like that!) ... and we have had a breathing space given to us by the fact that the plasterer cannot start for four weeks - the brickies start tomorrow (assuming the rain has stopped!) and they should only take two weeks. We have a few little jobs to do around the place but are now taking some time to catch up on our other world ie the house we live in, our jobs, our families, our friends etc .. I did not go to the block yesterday but was able to do lots of very small jobs which have been waiting for 'ron (that's an abbreviation for later on, don't know if it's Aussie or universal) so was very happy ... I roasted zucchini, made Moroccan pumpkin soup, cleaned some stuff, washed and dried some other stuff, FINALLY burnt the DVD's of photos and videos from the big family trek to visit us in Tassie in JANUARY to celebrate mum's 60th, and just generally pootled about and did some stuff and it was great!

After Mr Tasmania suffered his injury he came home and picked me up, took me to show me the work he'd done and then we went and had afternoon tea (coffee and lovely fresh bowl of hot chips) at the Jolly Roger Cafe in Boat Harbour. Came home and relaxed, ate the soup, and it was great!

We have had a lazyish morning, did a few little things around the house, went for a walk in the first wonderful sunshine for about 10 day!, and are now relaxing at home (excellent timing on our part as, just after our two hour walk along with beach with JD the wonder dog, a mate, and her dog Zac the loony, it has started to pour again) .... I think we will now spread all we have to do over four weeks rather than a week, which is what it was looking like before ... and that's probably a very good thing!