of amazing progress

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Date: 03 June 2009 07:12:59

well, still no photos, will get to those!

The plumber (who was supposed to come next Tuesday) has finished all he can do until the plaster goes on and the walls are complete.

The electrician has been running cables all day with his offsider, who will continue to run cables tomorrow. The electrician and Mr Tasmania will be sorting out the ducted heat pump tomorrow and sorting out the trench digger man, who is coming to dig electrical, plumbing, and septic tank trenches.

The brickies came back today as the weather is so miserable that our back patio is the only undercover job they currently have on ... and it's supposed to rain tomorrow ... ... so the back patio might be fully bricked by tomorrow night.

One of the renderers came to give us a quote.

We laid out all our lights and discovered (as I half suspected we would) that we needed a couple more outdoor lights. Also discovered that one light would no longer fit where it was supposed to, and that we had somehow not ordered lights for the spare bedrooms or the toilet ... I think that we did order them but that the girl who was sorting out our order missed a page in her notebook ... not that we'd paid for stuff we didn't get mind you, we just didn't even order it. I thought we may need to make a few changes when we arrived at this stage, it's a little different standing in a house than trying to order off a plan.

On the up side, we did order enough downlights - in fact we had to juggle things so we could fit them all in, I think we could've done with two less really.

Mr Tasmania will also be running computer and TV cables tomorrow - guess who gets to help :)

It's bedlam BUT the progress is thick and fast and, as I said to Mr Tasmania today, everything we do this week we don't have to do next week and every minute that WE do ie cable laying, framing up ducting and bathroom lights, etc is a minute that we don't have to pay a contractor - and that's gradually adding up to a heck of lot of minutes, which is great :)

I'm also managing to catch up on some stuff at home as well, so I won't go back to work next Tuesday feeling like I've managed to get nothing at all done - and it's including cleaning out and clearing out, not just the day to day, so that's really exciting - cause each old design mag etc gone is one less to pack and take up to the new house to sort out there! Winter cleaning :)