of explanations :)

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 02 June 2009 22:40:45

Kerensa and Ian you crack me up - the whole house building process has been a steep learning curve for me too, lots of jargon (some of which I understood), and not the least learning how great a project manager my husband is! Powerpoint frames are little metal rectangular frames which are nailed to the wooden wall frames. Actual power points (where you plug in your electrical leads? Don't know if they're called something else outside Australia) are plastic (usually) units of which part is placed on the frame and the electrical wiring in your walls are attached, and then a plastic front is added (this is why you can get so many different looks of powerpoints). Red Texta ... i think Texta was originally a brand name, like Kleenex and Hoover. Texta is now the generic term for marker pens :)