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Categories: life-in-general

Date: 02 June 2009 10:54:55

it is totally all action at the house, everything is moving unbelievably fast, I feel a bit like one of those mice in the running wheels! I will hopefully have enough energy to put some pics up tomorrow maybe ... suffice to say I've got the week off, we worked at the block SAturday, we worked at the block Sunday morning, we drove to Launceston (via a mate's house in Devonport) Sunday afternoon, we stayed at the Sebel which was AWESOME (it had a bath, we didn't know, Mr Tasmania had one Sunday night AND Monday morning), we shopped, we went out for dinner, we saw Night at the Museum 2 (which was great, Mr Tasmania had a micro snooze about half way through), we went our separate ways to shop Monday morning, we went to Bunnings (yay!), we drove home, we worked at the block today (plumber came today and is finished this stage, brickies turned up and bricks come Friday and they come back Monday until it's all done), we hammered in powerpoint frames, we drew a lot of obscure diagrams in red texta to indicate light switches and placement of lights, our bathroom window arrived and, while Mr TAsmania was off doing his best impression of Japanese train stuffers whilst trying to stuff air conditioning ducting into the landrover, the bathroom window was put in by the stealth builders, Mr Tasmania also picked up the air conditioner (it's reverse cycle, it's going to be ducted through the house), and we are now very tired. Soon to bed and ready for the electrician tomorrow and lots of discussion about lights and light switches for the next three days ..... oh, and the plasterer is coming Friday ....