of doors and windows and life saving mothers in law

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Date: 23 May 2009 11:09:44

Firstly, the mother in law, Mrs Claus ... who showed up today around midday, at the house (formerly known as 'the block') with the Potato King. Well, she has to come with him as she doesn't drive :). Anyway, showed up with thermos of hot water, cappucino sachets, and savoury toast, just in time to stop Mr Tasmania and I passing out from lack of food - good woman!!!!!!

Secondly - the windows and doors that I saw in the dark last night look even more spectacular in the daylight oddly enough! ... It's so exciting to stand in the house and feel enclosed, windows and external doors in place, half the house blue papered (foil paper), parts of the wall that we can no longer see through, pieces that are firmly in the places they're supposed to be in - feels like we almost have a home - awesome!

In addition to checking out windows, cleaning up yet more nails (and enormous amounts of cigarette butts left by the roofers - blurg!), we got out the crayons (literally, a red one and a yellow one left by the builders) and drew in the laundry tub, washing machine, and various cabinets, then proceeded to draw in the bathtub and vanity to make sure they fitted where we wanted them! We then proceeded to work out the kitchen, or at least most of it, including finalising (finally!) the shape and size of the island ... it may sound simple but when you really start getting into it there's heaps of variables, and realistically I work more from a standpoint of what i HAVEN'T liked in other kitchens more than what i definitely want in my own ... so a fair bit of crossing out before finalising things = but it's pretty much sorted and we both like it - yay!

So, here is a cross section of windows and doors - I'm especially loving the stable door for the laundry and the big windows in the garage, as well as our beautiful front doors ...

From this (on Wednesday)
200509 Roof

To this (by Friday night)
House Building 230509 Windows and blue paper

Front Door
House Building 230509 Front Door

Back door and living room slider
House Building 230509 Back door and living room slider

Laundry door ... this door and window are one unit, loving the stable door!
House Building 230509 Laundry door and windows