of doors and windows and thank God it's Friday night!

Categories: house-building, life-in-general, pictures, beautiful-husband

Date: 22 May 2009 09:47:00

I have no pictures as it was dark when I got there (which was actually good 'cause I finally was able to see what the new solar lights bordering the driveway look like!) but Mr Tasmania and I have been touring our house with most of the windows and external doors now on it and some of the blue paper wrapping done - it actually felt like a house ... because we were really INSIDE for the first time .. there were things to go through which had to be opened and closed, and a whole half of the house where the only bits you can see out of are solid as well as see through :) .... what an amazing feeling, I really can't tell you how it feels 'cause this is my first house ... and even better it's OUR first house ... (and Mr Tasmania's first house too) ... neither of us will ever have this feeling again ... it's really fabulous.

I will be taking a number of pictures tomorrow ... as you can imagine ... but will actually have to finally give in and subscribe to f1ickr before I can put any up (I've got 3 free photos left - cannot believe how many photos some people [Ian!] have on there, amazing!).

Has been absolutely flat strap at work, beyond busy, and we had two out sick today as well, so at one point, in my 9 person office, I was it ...only me ... for about half an hour, which was actually the nicest half hour of my work day :) ... not that any of it was bad, just full on .. and I'm not whinging really (considering how many people actually are losing jobs at present!), just have tired brain ... and I"m tired of having a tired brain from a job which in no way stretches said brain :) .. thank goodness for an assignment to edit for a mate to give me something to think about .. and quite enjoyable it was too!