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Date: 18 May 2009 09:03:10

Friday – discovered that we had flashing and gutters on the house (roof is supposed to start on Monday, weather permitting) … have been working on colours for the external walls (bricked, will be bagged, so colours needed) .. now I can see the gutter colour (which is the same as the flashing and the roofing iron) I have a really good idea of how the roof will look and therefore that our colours for the walls will work … must remember to grab an offcut of the gutters so I can go hunting for the right red for the bright red wall(s) we’re going to put in a couple of places so we get a red that works properly!

Friday - wild winds, rain, and cold … tree took out a transformer .. .not just damaged, obliterated … no power at home from 11am …. Round to friends after work to hover over their wood heater (great time) back home and in bed by 10pm (thank goodness for flannelette sheets!), woke up around 1am to find our power back on, hooray …

Saturday - discovered very few others had power, apparently we are the last house on the sewer pump line and generators were put on those due to the possible environmental hazards … so yay for us, not so yay for anyone else … friend over to use our shower … all others in our area have no loos, no water (electric pumps to their tank water, we’re not on town water), no lights, no heaters (it’s cold!), no fridges, no ovens, everyone camping or just heading out to friends / family for the day …. We went up to the block to work a bit later on … came home to find no power but only because generators were offline so they could test, all power back on at 6pm (so some people had no power from 11am Friday – 6pm Saturday) … out to see Angels and Demons (enjoyed much), home very tired

Sunday – up to block again to shovel dirt, put down concrete slabs for hot water system and reverse cycle air conditioner, clean up vast amounts of nails and ‘stuff’ around the place … home to have lunch (at 2pm!) and read paper for an hour … outside to prune (in a massive way!) two big banksia trees (starting the cleanup/prune process that needs to be done before we move out (hopefully beginning September?)– rather do it gradually than all in one big go whilst moving as well!) … collapse into bed

Monday – meetings at work with government wodgies (both very nice actually), all staff involved, free lunch, now just hoping that Mr Tasmania phones me in an hour or so and tells me they’ve started on the roof! Hopefully will have enough energy to start work on finalising the kitchen designs tonight … they’ve only been out on the dining table for three weeks ……..