We have floors! And walls (frames)! And concrete!

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 27 April 2009 09:17:57

and have been very slack at blogging about anything at all - life, colds, cooking with apples, swine flu, using the brain, etc, etc, sorry.

270409 View from front door through house
In this one the concreter is watering the front patio, his butt is pointing towards the garage :) ... flooring went down last Wednesday and Thursday, concrete and framing only started today - our roof may commence Friday?

270409 Concrete and framing
A view 'through' the house towards Table Cape in the distance.

270409 View from 'our balcony'
Mr Tasmania took this one leaning out our bedroom window :)

270409 View through kitchen / living room
A view from the Western side of the house ... you can see the drop in floor level - the living room and our bedroom are on this level - only three steps :)

Exciting stuff!