of staying at home

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Date: 18 June 2008 11:49:41

My gorgeous husband, who humours me endlessly (he really is a lovely man, who puts up with a heck of a lot sometime!), has let us stay at home tonight, instead of going to our church Connect group (read, fellowship group, Bible study, you get the picture).

We have had a fairly full on day at work in terms of phone running hot and people ie workmates being just plain stupid and annoying, so I decided it was probably better to get Chinese and stay in, rather than run the risk of me being incredibly honest at the least provocation and telling someone the truth about themselves.

Generally, it's all hot air, but if I'm pushed I will be honest ... and the members of the group do not deserve to have my yucky day inflicted upon them.

So, after Chinese food, and walking the dog, I'm feeling fairly human now :) ... human enough to write some civil, even friendly, emails, put the weekends washing away, and write some birthday cards :)