of high winds and blessed protection

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 15 April 2009 09:38:13


we have been protected, both at the Shack and at the Block, rain only (and flippin' cold with it, which is not doing me any good with my mysterious aching in joints I didn't know I had lurgy .. which isn't the flu). However, 33000 homes were without power all day, we had 35mm rain (and hail) in an hour, and houses lost roofs (rooves?), sheds were torn down, trees were twisted out of the ground, a mini cyclone essentially launched itself in over the coast about 5km's East and proceeded to work it's way windingly inland and out again, leaving destruction in its wake.

Victoria also received terrible winds, NSW is apparently buried under a dust storm as all the drought dry topsoil is blasted towards the coast from the West. We apparently will be receiving 100km's + gale force winds for most of the day tomorrow (totally NOT yay!).

Ah well, God's blessing is on us, we have a home and nothing damaged, and no one we know has lost anything. Protection plus!