of retaining walls and not quite broken fingers

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Date: 11 April 2009 10:22:38

We moved (Mr Tasmania, the excavator driver and his excavator, and I) over 20 tonnes of bluestone boulders, rocks, and pebbles yesterday, building a retaining wall so our love cliff does not crumble when it rains. The driver also knocked over 5 dead wattle trees for us, which has opened up part of our block and will make a big difference down there, especially over winter, letting the light in to our little dam.

Pictures below show 14.8 tonnes of bluestone boulders being delivered, some of the previously delivered HUGE bluestone boulders being moved into place, and the (almost) finished product. Mr Tasmania worked his fingers to the bone, ending up with large blisters under his callouses. I also worked very hard and was very glad to be wearing gloves and my engagement and wedding rings when a large boulder slipped and caught my hand against another boulder! I've ended up with a bruised hand (no bruise showing just hurting!), and a bone bruise 'under' my rings and a set of rings that will need to be reshaped ... they're more oval than round just at this minute, and have a slight dent next to a diamond ... but nothing that can't be fixed. If I hadn't been wearing them though I would've ended up with a broken finger for sure and possibly a couple of broken bands in my hand ... so a small price to pay!

1100409 14.8 tonnes of bluestone boulders

100409 Moving bluestone boulders

100409 Bluestone retaining wall