of busy day and llots of satisfaction

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 11 April 2009 01:49:11

We have a houseful again, brother in law + wife, but that's fine 'cause they stay down in the bungalow down the back :) and are VERY easy to live with!

They are waiting to go out in their boat but brother in law appears to be trying to talk himself out of it ....

we had a full day yesterday, we had 14.8 TONNES of bluestone rocks and boulders delivered and our friendly excavator man picked up all the boulders (+ the truckload we had delivered the other day) and placed them all along our 'cliff' beside the driveway. We (including the driver!) then placed all the smaller stones around and over them to build our retaining wall ... about 50metres or so ... there's still some to do, we'll get another load of smaller rocks next week, and finished it off ... they weigh SO MUCH, I'm pretty strong but can only manage to pick up a head size boulder.

I have squashed my engagement and wedding rings out of shape (yes, I was wearing gloves!) and put a minor ding in them as well ... but it was actually a blessing as I'm all bruised underneath (to touch, not see, so it's not interesting looking!) and I can't get the rings off today ... I think if I hadn't had them on I'd have a broken finger! Anyway, a jeweller will fix them up nicely tomorrow.

We also had the driver push over 5 very very tall wattle trees, most of which were rotten through the middle. The others, if they fell, would've fallen over the fence towards the house, but pushing them over has made a huge difference and will let a lot of light through into the area behind them. A mate is taking the wood for his wood fire, which is great, and I'll be having a series of little bonfires as the heads and remains dry up. One of them was so dry it virtually exploded when it hit the ground, pieces of wood flew about 3 metres in the air, so I'm glad it's down! They look light and wispy but you really wouldn't want one of them landing on you, there's a lot of weight even in a dead tree!

Blessedly we had been invited out for dinner so didn't have to come home and be creative ... I think it would've been minceon toast!