of .. not much really

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Date: 25 June 2008 11:17:49

I've been ill, again ... stomach lurgy, again - obviously this is my weak point! Anyhoo, boring boring

Mr Tasmania has been sterling looking after me, he is a lovely lovely boy. He worked very hard on the weekend while I 'lolled' about.

The reason why the above is so annoying is that it can cause havoc with the iron deficiency issue, which I generally have no real problem managing, don't think about it that much really - except when I have stomach lurgies! I can recover from them okay but regaining correct levels of iron and, in tandem, energy, takes a bit longer. Bummer.

lurgy and no iron means no exercise, which is not helping my vague attempts towards leaving the 'goddess' range and heading downwards to being merely 'rubenesque' ... aiming, ultimately, for voluptuous ... at this point it's nowhere in sight!

I've also been over on F*acebook .. must say, except for catching up with people easily, and checking out some photos etc, I can't really see the point. I think I'm pretty much going to use it to stay in touch with those people and that's about it.

I"ve only had to ignore one person ...

The weather is filthy, storm force winds building up apparently - and snow down to 700m is forecast - which doesn't mean we'll get snow (I live at the BEACH) but it does mean it's nasty cold outside (where the gorgeous husband is, taking the smelly dog for a walk, and feeding the Hairdresser's cat [they're in Fiji - I don't think I'm talking to them at the moment!]).

I've started knitting a square again. I think this time I might make it an actual small square, instead of just knitting the whole ball, and unravel a few random bits of knitting I have lying around and knit them into squares, and make a really good solid rug, instead of the wafty things I have lying around.

I"ve cleared out two more bags of clothes .. I really do have too many. I've been confronted by a 'declutterer' on the radio, who said that most people operate on the 20/80 rule .. we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time ... I was wearing a shirt I've had since 1986 while I listened to that, so I think I work more on the 10/90 rule ... sadly. Anyway, many good and worthy clothes have gone on to charity and hopefully better lives than living in my wardrobe/drawers/storage bags - to my great satisfaction.

Enough ...