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Date: 04 April 2009 10:32:01

4 April 2009 Brickies on a Saturday We turned up to do some mowing, weeding, planting etc - as well as moving our most excellent and gorgeous spotted gum floorboards into the shed (weighs a ton, literally!) - and found our brickies hard at work ... on a Saturday!!!! I'm very very impressed - and they're lovely guys who work super fast. They reckon they'll have the whole sub floor bricked in by Easter ie next Thursday! Amazing. So we worked all day, Mr TAsmania worked very hard on the mower, the brushcutter, and the hands and knees (weeding!) ... I did 3 or 4 hours on one of our gardens in which the beautiful chocolatey red dirt was rock hard and full of horrible sorrel and which is now lovely and loose and full of King Alfred Daffodils, Erlicheer Jonquils, RAnunculus, Anemones, and covered with Alyssum, Poppy, and Cornflower Seeds. Oh, and a few random bulbs which I dug up and replanted - not a clue what they are. I'm positive I've got some tulip bulbs to plant too, but I can't find them anywhere ....