of bricks

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 31 March 2009 08:49:52

we have some! They're on pallets beside the 'house' ... but they're there, and that's quite encouraging :)

We also have rather a large number of lights (well, we've paid the deposit!), all the internal door handles, and I have a new pair of cute purple shoes :)

This is because we went to Hobart on the weekend for above purchasing purposes, visiting of friends, and the delivery of the parents in law for the official viewing of Mr Tasmania's 10th great ... nephew, in this case ... who'd have thought I'd have 10 great nieces and nephews at 38? Even by marriage? Amazing.

It's very exciting, and I think I've also decided on the paint for the walls and ceilings. How hard can it be you ask? Jump on any search engine, type in low sheen acrylic w*ll paint, and see what you come up with, then get back to me. Can we spell PAIN IN THE BUTT? Anyhoo, worked it out, now just gotta save up and buy it ... I can't bring myself to put paint purchasing on the mortgage when I know I"ll be repainting those walls ie buying more paint, well before the mortgage (and original paint purchase) is paid off ... so will have to save the pennies and buy it ourselves ;)

Had dinner Friday night in a fabulous cafe in North Hobart, named something czech (4 glasses of red wine too, yummy!), amazing tapas, fried haloumi, paprika potatoes, garlic mushrooms, trio of dips, something else I can picture but can't remember name of, great chatting with good friends, beautiful!

And I've stocked up on socks ... if you ever ever come to Hobart you MUST go to the Sal*manca Markets on a Saturday down at the docks - they are FABULOUS. I could literally spend all day there ... I didn't, but I have ambitions!