of crickey bless my mum

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 19 March 2009 11:27:22

who is at the moment dealing with a husband who had a knee replacement on Tuesday, a massive low blood pressure episode on Wednesday morning, a heart jitter this morning, and who is now back in High Dependency so they can monitor him. He's actually fine, they think it's just a reaction to his pain killers, but it's pretty stressful for her because ... she also has my brother (KombiBro), and his wife (The Amazon), and their two kids (The Sherriff and The Deputy) living with them ... which is great, except that KombiBro is away tonight for work and the poor poor Amazon has come down with Shingles in the worst possible way and is in amazing pain. Mum says she's fine and it'll all continue to work okay as long as she gets a decent nights sleep. I'm just hating being 1200km's away... even though there's not muchI can do for The Amazon or dad and I know they'll both be completely fine before too long... still ....