oh for goodness sakes

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Date: 29 June 2008 11:28:57

I'm well, now HE's got it!

Ah well, we'll get through it eventually :)

I've got toothache though. Hopefuly nothing Nur*fen can't fix though :), it's a periodic type I get every now and again - almost like the root swells up and can't fit inside the tooth... I don't know what sets it off, but it does tend to go away eventually.

At least I have tomorrow off work, yay for flex days! The forecast is rain however, and all I want is a little sunshine ...but it's a paid day off so who am I to whinge eh :) Hopefully I'll get some time between showers to get a little bit of pruning and planting done.

The weather is still so warm, for winter, that spring buds are appearing on some trees, early jonquils and daffodils are not just up but FLOWERING (two months early at least!), and there were two big trucks and 10 pickers out in a field of cauliflowers nearby today, picking for all they were worth - apparently they're coming in 6 weeks early due to the unseasonal warm weather.

Warm yes, sunny no - still, it is winter, and I could live somewhere where we had snowfalls of 3 metres - so not too bad really eh!

I read an article today that said that this Northern Summer may well bring NO SNOW at the North Pole - open earth - how bizarre is that! There was a radio interview locally with farmer who said he knows farmers in South Australia who are buying land in Tasmania and Chile as backups because they think global warming is going to have such a huge impact so quickly that it will be impossible to continue farming in SA in the not too distant future. It all bears thinking about ... though I must admit my thinking veers between heading for complete off the grid self sufficiency to being selfishly excited at the thought that the local sea temperature might go up 2 - 3 degs C and we'll be able to swim all summer rather than a couple of times over summer.

it's all very interesting.

On another note, we watched Night at the Museum last night (DVD finally came down to a sensible price to buy!) - still hilarious!