of grass and country shows

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 13 March 2009 09:40:17

I'm going the Wynyard Show tomorrow, looking forward to it, have been here for three now and this will be my first, which is a little bit shameful, but the husband is not even slightly interested. I've said bad luck this time and I'm going, so I am :) ... probably only for an hour, but still! Should be very interesting! Almost guaranteed to rain I'm told, which is fine by me, as husband and I (him first then me joining him later) will be shovelling and spreading four cubic metres of topsoil and then chucking 5kg's or so of grass seed around .. so rain will be quite nice to wash it in! I'll also be making a nice chicken wire fence as apparently our little visitor (see previous post) managed to eat all the leaves off my black cherry! I know, horse has bolted, but if another gets in I'd like to be prepared. Mind you, if I catch one chewing on it it won't be a nice little round up by the doggy, it'll be a screaming banshee cornering it then PUNTING the little bugger over the nearest fence! Nobody messes with my garden!!!!!! Mr Tasmania is also picking up our rollerdoor tomorrow morning which is very exciting! Our builder has put some equipment up at the block apparently but spades will hit the soil on Monday, so it will be quite some time until there's anything to hang the rollerdoor on ... but it's still cool to have it! And it's the same colour as our roof is going to be so it'll be nice to see a big lump of that colour ... I've only seen a tiny sample chip up to now, hope I really like it! Mr Tasmania has just brought JD inside as the neighbours down the back have the music going with massive bass ... he's managed to bring a moth in with him and has been chasing it around the floor. He's caught it and then rolled on it, and is now throwing it in the air .... I'm not quite understanding it all but I'm happy he knows how to amuse himself. I'm also happy I got the moth out of my handbag before he realised it was in there!