of bits and bobs and filling up the shed!

Categories: house-building, beautiful-husband

Date: 12 March 2009 09:44:45

Well, we are now the proud possessors of a water pump and a double laundry sink. Mr Tasmania picked them up today. We will also (well, he will, with a couple of mates!) be picking up the pieces of our garage rolladoor on Saturday (I'll be going to the Wynyard Show and picking up chicken wire to protect my poor black cherry from the depredations of the mad wallabies that keep breaking in but not being able to break out!). We've also ordered the wall tiles - yay! I'm in love with the wall tiles, they're our second choice (at a third the price of the first choice! $4500 to tile the walls of two rooms? I don't think so!!!!!)

We (well, Mr Tasmania) hooked up the shed roof to the water tank last weekend, after we’d picked our wall tiles, internal doors, and skirting boards, and confirmed my choice of kitchen benchtops, so it’s all go. We needed the water from the shed to be running into the tank ‘cause it’s no use having a spanking new house with no water! Hopefully we’ll have enough rain so the tank will have well and truly overflowed by the time we move in, so any lingering cement tang will have disappeared. I was working too (mostly), putting chicken wire on gates so the stupid wallabies will not be able to get in and get stuck ... apparently our entire block acts like a crayfish pot - once they're in they don't get out! They're only a foot high but they're about 40foot of trouble the little pains. Luckily we've discovered that JD the amazingly talented blue heeler does know how to round them up (natural talent - amazing!) rather than eat them, so that's proven to be very useful!!!!

Mr Tasmania has been working like a Trojan, in fact worked himself to a standstill two weekends ago, raking and smoothing out the enormous pile of soil over the tank until he actually physically could not hold the rake anymore. He really does not like to see a job left half done! He's definitely a worker.