of interesting phone calls

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 06 March 2009 10:53:15

Do you have any poodles?

Part of my work involves taking calls and managing the data for our part of an Australia wide service provider database. I speak to all sorts of people in all sorts of states who ask me for all sorts of things. I talk to people who think I'm Centrelink (unemployment and pensions) or the Comm*nwealth Bank (one of Australia's big four banks). Occasionally I’ll get a request for a service that stumps me.

This one left me unable to speak for a few seconds.

I picked up the phone and an older lady asked ‘do you have any poodles?’

I defy you to keep a straight face and not laugh as you attempt to deal with this query in a professional matter. The temptation to provide a mental health phone number was huge but, today, I resisted.

Another day I may not be so strong …