of computers and the internet

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 06 March 2009 10:50:54

I sometimes hate it that I love the internet so much … just being able to find out information when I want it (even if it’s not always entirely correct!) … but I also hate how reliant I am on it … I actually started work in an office that had only just acquired it’s first computer (waaaayyyy back in 1991) and that only over the protests (and eventual resignation) of the burser! I still used the typewriter, the internet probably existed but certainly wasn’t anything we had access to or knowledge of, email wasn’t used, and had just the year before done an assignment on the ‘new and amazing’ technology of the CD-ROM (as we called it then!).

I'm musing on this 'cause our internet is having issues today, some of which affect my work, some of which just annoy the heck out of me 'cause I wanna look stuff up!

Love / hate relationship, absolutely!