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Date: 03 March 2009 09:07:07

Yet another bargain in relation to the house, this time brought about through the stellar mechanical skills of Mr Tasmania! We had the large tank hole filled in on Saturday – after two hours or so the excavator carked it with a bang. This could’ve been costly (not to us, to the operator! … but it would’ve wasted a lot of our time, and he wouldn’t have been able to go on to another job he’d booked either) except that Mr Tas has amazing mechanical skills … so even though he hates mucking about with engines, he forthwith flung himself head first into the bowels of the excavator and bashed about for 2 or 3 hours, to emerge black from head to toe but with the rotten thing purring like a kitten (a rather large kitten with an alarming cigar hack but still … kittenish).

As a result the operator only charged us $40 for the 3.5 hours work he did that day! $40!!! I won’t tell you how much it would’ve cost but, suffice to say, we saved approx. a third of the cost of a water pump for the house, purely because of super boy :) My goodness he’s handy to have around!!!!

He worked so hard for the rest of the day (about 7 - 8 hours of raking and spreading dirt) in the heat, wore himself out to the point he couldn't hold the rake anymore, that he managed to have a massive cramp in the hamstring while he was at home lying on the floor reading the paper! I must admit I laughed even while I was stretching it out and being sympathetic :) ... but he laughed too :)

PS The builder starts THIS WEEK! AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!