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Date: 02 July 2008 11:51:46

I'm working on a job application. There's nothing really wrong with where I'm working - in fact the flex days, relative lack of pressure of work, and salary sacrifice benefits of working for a non-profit are not to be sneezed at - but I'm bored and getting restless. I may well feel the same in the job I'm applying for (assuming I get it, which is not a given!) but it does have a few advantages.

It's in the town we will be building on the outskirts of (yes, I know, FABULOUS grammar!, I'd hire me in a minute!) - 3 minutes drive from ‘imminent home'.

It will save me (at today's petrol prices) approximately $1400 a year in petrol alone, let alone wear and tear, as it will knock 40km's off my round trip daily (I do 80km's a day driving, at least - and that's just to get to work and back, not part of the job).

It will save me 40+ minutes a day driving.

The hours are better (8:20 - 5 with 45 min lunch, rather than 8:30 - 5:30 with half hour lunch) but I lose my flex time. However I've only had that in this job, and I would get 1 RDO a month.

It's in local government so there is potentially an internal application already slated for the position, so it may well just be a wasted effort. But then again, I haven't applied for a job in a year, so it's probably good to update the resume and keep my hand in, if nothing else. I said, after my three week effort last year, that I'd never work in government slash politics again - but I think local government in the area I'm living in could be good. Or at least something I haven't done before :)

Anyway ... we'll see how it goes.