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Date: 03 July 2008 10:59:53

You know it's going to be a good session when the first bra you try on fits!

Now, those of you who are C cup or below ... and maybe the guys (unless they need the education) ... can dip out now. You really don't need to know about the annoyances of the D cup and above bra shopper.

Firstly - anything over a C cup costs more - a LOT more. You'd think there were ACRES more fabric in there instead of maybe 3 centimetres!

Secondly - As a general rule, not one single bra that you like will be on sale.

Thirdly - As another general rule, not one of the 19 bras you have taken with you to the changing room on your first turn around the racks will fit in any way. For the guys, consider that this means that you have stripped off everything from the waist up, tried on 19 items, found them all wanting, dressed again, and are now heading out to collect the next lot.

That's assuming you don't give it up as a bad job right there (‘cause you've been in this position before!).

Fourthly - All the cute bras and patterns are for the C cup and below ... anything over a D cup might pretend to be cute, it may have lace, it might be black, it might be silky ... but the strips are not shoestrings, and there's usually some pretty serious buttressing going on ... and don't even think about not getting an underwire bra - just not worth it really, now or in 30 years time when your poor unsupported boobs are bouncing off your kneecaps.

Fifthly - you're shopping in your lunch hour (or half hour!), your feet hurt, and you'd rather be anywhere else

Sixthly (is that a word?) - the bra that you bought last time, and love, and should have bought 6 of, is no longer manufactured ... and the one that looks similar ... isn't.

HOWEVER ..... today was the day that all the bra buying rules went out the window.

The first bra fit - a VERY good sign.

4 of the 8 bras fit - getting better by the second!

3 of those bras were on sale!

I had taken a whole EXTRA hour + my lunch half hour, just so I didn't have to rush - but got it all done in half an hour!

I LIKE the bras I picked

I got 3 bras for the price of 4

I actually got bras that are the same as bras I already have .... Not all that normal an occurrence in the fast moving world of lingerie fashion, as mentioned above!

I came, I bought, I left with a smile on my face ... it's a miracle!