of yikes!

Categories: wibblythings, life-in-general

Date: 09 February 2009 09:06:25

wow, the new dashboardy thing freaked me out a bit, I thought I'd ended up in someone else's blog by mistake!  I suppose there's probably something brilliant telling me all about it on the wibsite ... but that would presuppose that I'm sensible and check in regularly wouldn't it :)

ah well.

Nothing much to report, the bushfires are horrifying, I got a payrise and have distributed it + backpay + holiday pay wisely :), I picked up the three pendant lights that will hang over the kitchen island bench (yay for layby! or layaway, or whatever you choose to call it!), the dawg (JD the mad blue heeler) is in disgrace for trying to bite when told to sit and then doing the naughty two year old act and refusing to look at me- even literally gave me the cold shoulder!  Got a smack on the bum with the lead and a lecture on getting his attitude right and is now on more of an even keel, it's 8pm and we've yet to have dinner ... see, life is either full on or just full of minutiae, which is not necessarily interesting or thought provoking ...

I'm afraid I don't have the brain space at the moment for deep philosophical discussion but can all the wibblers please take it as read that I AM lurking and I AM reading, I'm just not necessarily in possession of enough spare neurons to comment :)