Categories: life-in-general, beautiful-husband

Date: 05 February 2009 08:43:05

admittedly, fixing the pump (we are on tank water, for those who aren't aware) will probably not cost too much as it was pretty much only dirt in the pressure switch .... but putting the connections back onto the valve the wrong way 'causing nearly an hours angst on the part of Mr Tasmania this evenin?g (and myself, who would really like to have come home and sat down for even ten minutes before starting to do some work?) ... well .... I'm not sure about the price of that but it's a high one.

Not to mention the broken gasket seal (I think) on the Landrover which is going to cost a lot (but not four figures, luckily) to fix... I don't want to talk about it.

I guess the silver lining is that things like this are happening NOW, before we really get into building ....