of power and now it's really happening

Categories: house-building, beautiful-husband

Date: 04 February 2009 10:43:03

The power is on to our shed (as well as the phone line). Mr Tasmania and I sat up there tonight, admittedly in broad daylight, and ate our dinner under the new lights in our shed - fabulous!

This means he can weld a handle on the shed door so I can pull it shut - I can just about push it open without giving myself a hernia but there's no way I can pull it shut at this point. So, a handle will be great.

It also means that we can take my fridge from the parents in law's garage and put it up there and we can now have cold drinks and store a little food or fruit or things like that. Also, that the builder's will be able to keep their food cold ...oh, and incidentally use the power to build our house! (probably more important than their lunch really).

We did the final paperwork today and now all we have to do is draw up our first list of things we need money for, present it to the bank, and start building - super wow!