of statistics and record breaking

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Date: 02 February 2009 09:41:51

I remember what I was going to say

whatever your thoughts on global warming etc etc etc, Australia is in the midst of climatic chaos at present ... a cyclone crossed into Queensland this morning, far north Queensland has experienced so much rain this month that some towns will be cut off for weeks (882mm in Cairns in January, which is MORE than Melbourne has had in the last two years!), South Australia and Victoria are essentially be roasted AND bushfired (a lot lit by arsonists- bastards!, but also a lot set off by lightning), and Tassie, little old 'cold' Tassie has, in January, experienced both it's COLDEST ever recorded day AND it's HOTTEST ever recorded day - somewhere under 1deg C on Mt Wellington at the beginning of the month (and remember, it's summer!), and somewhere over 42deg in 6 different places on the last day of the month. WILD!