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Date: 30 January 2009 10:15:39

Family onslaught was good, though very tiring, kids all had a great time, mum enjoyed her 60th birthday lunch immensely, and the others are all planning their next trips.

Mum and dad are heading down the West Coast of Tassie for a week from Sunday, doing all sorts of trips, and are enjoying the heatwave at present.

We’re not hitting the news as much as Adelaide and Melbourne, who are in the midst of a horrifying dry/hot spell, but Flinders Island (North East Corner of Tas) hit 41.5C yesterday – hottest Tasmanian temp on record. We got to 30deg or so, which is pretty darned hot for here, and of course it didn’t cool down overnight – I’m just very thankful for an airconditioned office! UPDATE ... Scamander (on the East Coast of Tas) broke that record today, just one day later, by hitting 42.2deg C!!!!

The parents helped Mr Tasmania and I fill in our new drain up at the block, which will prevent the house being flooded, which I think is probably a good thing. 2 metres of blue metal carried in buckets – 2 hours later we were all well and truly over it but it was done and looks good!

The man who will be pouring our water tank is meeting Mr Tasmania next week and hopefully that will be done soon – yes, we’re NOT on town water, and we’re NOT on town sewerage – in reality, in Australia, once you get outside the big towns and cities most people aren’t on town supplies – the distances are just too great. Sisters Beach, my little town, has it’s own sewerage system but that only went in 3 years ago, and everyone is reliant on rainfall for drinking water - or paying $200 a load to the water tanker when it runs out.

I’m starting to turn my brain to wall tiles for bathrooms, paint, and carpeting … which is actually quite a lot of fun :) … and attempting to pay for it all NOT from the mortgage, which is brain bending, but will be of benefit in the long term!

It's 9:15pm, Friday, and it's still 30deg C in the house - we don't have aircon and there is no breeze, so it's another night of no sheets I reckon!