of leaving

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 26 January 2009 07:25:58

they're almost all gone ... 2 brothers, 2 sisters in law, 3 nephews, and a niece have all left today.

mum and dad are still here though. We had a lovely day yesterday for mum's pre-60th birthday, lunch at Jolly Roger's Boat Harbour Restaurant - a GORGEOUS blue day, and the kids had a ball fooling about in the kids playground. Food was marvellous, company was fabulous, and the chocolate bailey's birthday cake was AMAZING!

I'm very tired in the brain now, after organising accommodation, lunch, presents, portacot, sheets, towels, beach toys, meals, shopping for those getting in late, etc etc etc.

was very good to see them but I'd be lying if I said that i wasn't happy to see them go :) ... will be nice to have them all in individual groups now, for longer stays, and they're already making plans which is great.

thank goodness for a good man who copes with anything and everything, it does make life easier :)