of massive changes

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Date: 19 January 2009 01:08:24

Not that we didn't know this was coming, but it was in the future, and it will make an enormous change in our lives.

We signed the building contract.

So, we are now the proud owners of a block of land, a shed, and a mortgage.

I guess, at 38 and 42, it's about time we had our own place. I don't know if it's a peculiarly Australian thing? And I have an idea that, with the cost of buying or building rising so rapidly over the last 10 or so years, it's a completely different thing depending on your 'generation'. But it seems to me that we grow up with the inbuilt need to own something ... whether it be a caravan on a permanent site, a townhouse, a bush block, a California Bungalow, a house on acreage, whatever, we seem to need 'our spot'. I feel very much like that. I still call mum and dad's place home, and probably always will, which is not to say that I don't call here home, and will transfer that to the block once we move in. Mum and dad's will always be home 'cause they've been there thirty years and I did most of my growing up there and it's pretty much always been there.

I've lived in lots of rentals, interspersed with time back home, and I've called all of those home too, but with the knowledge that they were temporary, I was biding my time, that eventually I would stop and make somewhere MINE. Maybe not permanently (I was planning on buying a 2 bedroom townhouse in 2006 as a way of getting my toe into the property buying water, but then I met Mr Tasmania and moved into a 2 bedroom shack in a completely different part of the country) but at least something to call my own until I bought something else to call my own.

Mr Tasmania has lived in family houses and rentals and the shack is the old family holiday house so he has roots of his own, but we're both at a time where we want OUR place. And now we've signed the bits of paper so we're on our way!!

We start building in mid-March ... crikey!