of blessings

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 16 January 2009 10:11:49

I added up all that I’d spent this last week (and added in a few things I know I have to spend on Monday and Tuesday next week).. .and we’ve SAVED almost $8000 through God’s help :) and much research and sweat on the part of Mr Tasmania, and some very generous assistance and blessings from friends and family. I’m also very thankful to my mum’s parents, who very graciously left their three grandkids an inheritance when they passed away … not huge, and I’ve spent quite a lot of mine, but enough is left to make it a lot easier to buy a lot of stuff (ie the white goods) pre-mortgage … HUGE blessing that one!

Even those who are in your bad books can wiggle their way back onto your good side in the most unexpected way. A guy who (whilst drunk) ‘caused a minor disaster at a wedding last year (I ended up with candlewax blown literally all down my dress and a beautiful pair of black suede heels ruined – and you KNOW how I feel about my high heels!) has come through in a big way with some assistance in electrical matters today. Guess I’ll have to forgive him now :) … much as I enjoy chewing over a grievance there’s only so long you can hold on before you give in and attempt to be gracious and just let it go… it’s not a natural state as I have a very good memory (not for slights, just generally, which can be a huge pain!) so thankfully God helps out with that one!

God is good and we appreciate it!