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Date: 13 January 2009 09:49:01

I’m sworn to secrecy as to ways and means (and it’s not dodgy brothers I promise!) but through God’s grace and my lovely youngest brother we are now able to have a hardwood Sp*tted Gum floor for the house, rather than a floating floor.

Mr Tasmania has been hard at it in the heat putting up the fence of the dog yard (which is huge, so maybe we should call the dog estate). It’s also our orchard … JD the wonder dog will only be put in there with the gate closed when we have visitors he doesn’t know and who don’t know how to act around dogs (ie Mr Tasmania’s Uncle, who is lucky to still have his fingers after walking up to our blue heeler and scruffing him! Honestly, he’s a big fast working dog breed and he’s never met you before – would you go up and just go hands in on first acquaintance? Bluey’s are very affectionate and loyal but they don’t take crap and they do have a massive superiority complex … any dog should be treated with respect but some more than others). We will have no problem with my parents for example, as he’s just spent the last two weeks running around their house and knows them very well (also knowing that my mum is not going to cop any attitude from a dog thanks very much) .. but smaller children and older adults are a bit more likely not to cope with a boisterous (or grumpy) greeting, so he’ll be put where he can see everything going on (‘cause he’s nosy) but will not be able to bounce on anyone (all in fun of course!).

I have one little black cherry in there at present, and ambitious plans for expansion!

We finalised the window/door colours yesterday.

The electrician is coming tomorrow to set everything up in the shed. The trencher is coming on Thursday to dig the trench so the electrical cable can be laid to connect electricity to the shed. A friend is bringing up our six dining chairs from Hobart (thanks to Mr Tasmania's sister). We'll put the palings up on the fence at the top of the excavation on the weekend.

It's amazing how it's all starting to come together.