of holidays over and tired and satisfied

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 11 January 2009 08:17:13

we had a very busy but also very relaxing holiday up at mum and dad's - did lots of work for them (mowing, wood cutting, helping dad put of the new verandah ceiling - colorbond, it looks awesome!) but also had time to relax, catch up with a few friends, go swimming, go shopping, visit Ik*a and pick up a few items, and, of course, eat! My brother excelled with his most excellent pavlova again (see Mrs Tasmania's flickr site for a pick of last years effort), the eggnog was good, we ate too much and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We came home to a house full of Mr Tasmania's relations, and I went back to work ... and now we're by ourself and our house is back in order and we're girding our loins for the year ahead .....

We've been fence building (or Mr Tasmania has), weeding (him), spreading 18 bales of pea straw (me), watering said pea straw and our tiny little blades of grass (me - approximately 300+ Litres of water hand carried!), and are contemplating all the other jobs we have to do.

We've also put in the last (hopefully) lot of documents to Council and are waiting for their favourable(!) response. We pick up the rest of our bathroom/laundry floor tiles tomorrow. We order the wall tiles soon, and will be putting in the order for our windows and doors on Thursday. We bought ALL our taps, spouts, shower heads AND the kitchen sink while we were in Sydney for half the quoted prices we had already received.

We have a lot of work to do in the next few days as my family (mother, father, BroBoss + wife + 2 kids, KombiBro + wife + 2 kids) arrive on the 22nd ..... luckily our house is too small so they're all staying in various cottages :)

it's actually kind of a relief to go to work