of blasted computers!

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Date: 06 July 2008 07:53:54

I did a really long and I think very interesting entry - and the computer timed out and lost it!


So, here it is in short.

Slept in, walked dog in daylight (no sun), pruned trees (still no sun), walked dog again (still grey day), went to movies (now dark) (Prince Caspian, very good!), slept in, husband walked dog in daylight (still no sun!), went to block to discuss earthworks, (in the almost rain), lunch at Jolly Rogers (looking over beach which looks much better with sun - though Salt and Pepper Squid was AWESOME), home to read papers in front of gas heater (too grey and cold to be outside), husband now walking dog in daylight (but no sun).

Man ... that post was REALLY good! Rotten computers!