of new years

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Date: 07 January 2009 09:53:16

hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are heading into a fabulous new year! Best wishes and prayers to all - and our hope that even those who are going through massive 'stuff' will find that it all works and the year will get better as it goes on!

We're in for a busy one, as you might've guessed - things are steaming ahead on the housebuilding front. We've just put in our final permit applications (and paid a mighty fee!) to the council so hopefully (prayers welcome!) by next Friday (ie Friday next week, not tomorrow tomorrow) we will have all that back without any problems and then we're all systems go!

We literally returned from a fortnight's holiday up at my parents place WITH the kitchen sink - and all our taps and shower heads and so forth ... managed to save literally HALF what we'd been quoted - which is fabulous as that money went to pay the council fees and we've ended up still slightly ahead of budget ... always a good thing!

It's starting to get very very exciting!!!!! God is being incredibly good to us and we're very very grateful!